Instead of going for a drastic renovation and paying over and above to claim just a few inches of space, we’re sharing some small kitchen ideas that will give you more storage and make your kitchen feel more spacious. We’d all love that idyllic spacious kitchen with huge island and ample storage for everything, but the reality is, most homes can’t fit a big kitchen, making the use of the space you have so important.

1. Make Use of Storage Baskets

Add storage baskets in your cupboards and you can logistically use all of the space to the back and still access what you need. This is a low-cost option that you can also use to claim the space above units as well! 

2. Narrow Pull-Out Pantry

There’s lots of narrow unused space even in the smallest of kitchens between appliances or at the end of standard units. This is the perfect place for a narrow, upright pull-out pantry, and is the perfect kitchen design solution that’s going to maximise all of your space. 

3. Use Your Sitting Bench for Storage Space

If you’re a fan of breakfast nooks and have enough space for one, a sitting bench that doubles as storage space will be one of the best space-saving small kitchen ideas to go for. You can keep just about anything there, and it will leave the rest of your kitchen clutter-free.

small kitchen ideas
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Top Tip: If you have large windows in your kitchen, you can easily create a small nook using a fold out kitchen table & storage bench.

4. Storage Inception

Supercharge your cabinets with pullout drawers and rack systems. These make organising, storing, and reaching anything you need from them super simple. Instead of pullout systems, you can go for rotating shelves instead. There are also hybrid systems that have both functions. 

5. Make Use of Cabinet Doors

Don’t forget that you can easily get more space by fitting racks or hooks onto cabinet doors. This is a very popular kitchen design idea for those who love DIY solutions too as they’re fairly easy to install yourself. Store smaller items or lids in cabinet doors instead of trying to cram everything into cabinet shelves. 

6. Choose a Counter Bar with Storage

Instead of going for a regular counter bar that’s just… a bar, get some ‘hidden storage’. It’s a bit more costly as you’ll need a professional to design and create it, but you can hide anything from TVs and appliances to spice racks in your counters!  

7. Overhead Space 

Make use of space above your kitchen cabinets. Storage bins are among the most common small kitchen ideas to get more space as we mentioned above, but you can also kick it up a notch and have additional cabinets there too. 

These areas are great for storing things that you only need occasionally, such as holiday items. Do you have empty space above your fridge? Install an open cabinet there too!

8. Hidden Bins

The most common small kitchen idea is using the space under your sink for your bin. Making use of a cupboard that has already been eaten into because of the pipe work, this hides an ugly bin away from view, while also keeping any unwanted smells at bay! 

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Small kitchens don’t have to be full of clutter, instead, choose one, two, or maybe even all of the small kitchen ideas from this list and turn your kitchen into an absolute paradise! If you need help designing your ideal small kitchen, contact us for a no obligation chat to see how we can help.

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