There’s one common denominator to all those awesome kitchen ideas you find on Pinterest – the kitchen spaces are huge! Kitchen sizes tend to be much smaller in real life. How can you get that airy feel to your regular-sized kitchen? Chances are, you’ll need a complete kitchen renovation and some clever kitchen design. But, before you go, there are some things you might need to think about first:

#1 What’s Your Budget?

A complete kitchen renovation can require a substantial investment, so you need to set yourself a realistic budget, and don’t be afraid to look for ways to save! For example, if your appliances are relatively new, there’s no need to buy new ones and you should have them merged into the new design. If your current cabinets look a bit run down but are structurally fine, then you could try giving them a fresh coat of paint or new doors as part of the revamp rather than ripping them all out. 

Top Tip: Keep part of your allocated budget free for unplanned expenses that might pop up during renovations!

#2 Building work 

Think about the type of renovation you had in mind: Does the new kitchen design require you to replace everything and even remove some walls? Do you want to rearrange the position of the sink, oven, and other appliances? 

This means you’ll have to move plumbing, gas pipes and electric sockets, which will increase the price and the time it takes. Building work should not be taken lightly because in one of the main rooms of your home, once you start, you can’t stop!

#3 Who you’re going to pick to do it?

The most important decision you’ll make for your complete kitchen renovation is choosing the right professionals to do it. 

While they don’t necessarily need to have a Pinterest board or an Instagram account, they should have an up-to-date website with a gallery of their work – both classic and contemporary. 

Read through the reviews and contact them about their pricing range. While they can give you a ballpark figure easily, true professionals will offer a free consultation and pricing for your specific project. 

complete kitchen renovation
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Would you need to remove walls to achieve the open plan styling of the ‘Porter’ kitchen range? View this, and more of our Contemporary Collection, here.

#4 Timing 

Summertime is the preferred time of year for kitchen remodelling, but you might have to deal with long waiting times. Plus, you also need to consider your family schedule, cooking plans, holidays and lead times for materials to pick the right time. 

Depending on how extensive your remodel is will depend on how long you’ll have to make do with a half kitchen! So, when you pick the dates you might want to book in some time with friends, family, or a mini-break to take some of the stress away from you. 

#5 Functionality 

Above all, your kitchen should be functional and fit well with your lifestyle. While most kitchen ideas you find online nowadays have a huge, marvellous island as the centrepiece, does it make sense in your home? 

If your kitchen space is smaller, you might want to go for a peninsula design instead. If you have younger kids, avoid designs with super sharp edges. With pets, you want to look for materials that can easily be cleaned, and cabinet doors with strong locks to avoid them breaking in. Your kitchen design is important, but don’t forget it needs to function for you as a family as well!

Your new kitchen will only be as good as the professionals who design it. Get in touch and our professionals will work with you to find a smart solution for your kitchen space.

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